Women empowerment and feminism- an understanding

Understanding women empowerment

What is female empowerment?

Women empowerment is giving control to women over their own lives, to be

intellectually and financially independent. Women have multiple roles to play – caregivers, wife, partner, educators, teacher, mother, disciplinarian, and the makers of home and family. Apart from this, they can be entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, administrator, directors, and play an important role in socio economic development of the society. Females must follow their choices and know their self-worth. It is independence of speech and expression

How can women be empowered

~ Admiration for women entrepreneurs, small scale business women and professionals.

~ Mentor girls personally and professionally

~Education is a powerful tool towards empowerment

~ learning about money, savings and investment

~Developing professional skills

~ working on your Health and self confidence

~ Have a good network of quality people

~ have the courage and knowledge to Fight against injustice

~ Donate to centers that help women

How do people demotivate ambitious women?

~ Judging determined females

~ Using indecent language about girls

~ Jealousy, unhealthy competition and hatred

~ Using unfair means to prove them self

~ Making fun of other girls’ dreams and plans

~ Not validating their emotions

~ Unnecessary comparison

Understanding Feminism

What is Feminism?

Feminism simply means that girls have same rights and opportunities as boys in every field.

The aim is to challenge the inequalities girls face on daily basis. It is breaking patriarchal conventions that limit women. It brings to notice the discrimination faced by females. It is social, political, economic and legal rights of women. Now it is more of a social movement, changing the beliefs of the society for all genders.

The foremost intention of feminist movement is to create equality and stop judgement in terms of gender. it does not provoke hating men. Men can be feminist too if they are supporter of equal rights for womenfolk.

Some of the rights are: equal pay, domestic violence, sexual harassment and violence, maternity leave etc.

There are three types of feminism:

1) mainstream/liberal

2) radical

3) cultural.

Why do we need feminism?

It benefits to create a better world, full of prospects and liberty to human rights for all gender. When there is protection and proper laws, the efficiency and life expectancy upsurges. It is not entirely around gender. It includes races, caste, societal status, ability, age, and sexual orientation. The need is to learn more about it, join a cause and support feminists. Those who are making the world a better place for all humans.

For this it is important to know what are we not going to support in name of feminism.

An important worth a mention here is- now feminism has changed its shape and form. It is not only about women but its focus is shifted to equality for all genders. Men shall be allowed to be expressive of their own feelings as well.

When we talk of Not genderising professions, it applies to all. Men can be caretakers, classical dancers, home makers, cabin crew and so on.

The common things men hear are:

1) "Be a man"

2) "Don't cry like a girl"

3) " Wearing pink- so gay!"

4) " Classical dancer/ wear makeup/ have specific choice in clothes- What kind of man"

and many more.

All humans have same rights- right to choose, right to express, and right to live their own life. As far it does not harm anyone, everything that a person wants for themselves shall be accepted by all.

What is NOT Feminism

· It is not female dominance. It does not mean women deserve more than men

· It is not attacking men in any way. It is not a man hating group

· It is not anyone’s personal agenda but a societal issue

· It is not being better than men

· It is not doing stupid stuff in public under name of feminism

How to be strong?

~ Appreciate yourself

~ Respect yourself

~ Be confident of yourself

~ Don’t be desperate for a friendship or relationship

~ Learn from your past mistakes

~ Listen to your body

I take this as an opportunity to share some advice with all the young girls. Because life is short and you don’t have to wait to experience something to learn it. It’s better to learn from maximum experiences around you.

1) Never be afraid to voice your opinion. You must do so in firm and polite manner. But be sure to let the world know what you think.

2) Don’t stereotype yourself. Don’t follow gender-based tasks if you don’t agree to it. Don’t believe it that cricket is for boys and cooking is for girls. Do what you want to, what interests you and what you feel you are good at. Don’t follow guidelines about gender-based skills and jobs.

3) Don’t rush into a relationship just for the sake of it. Be sure that you do not succumb to the boy and his desires. Girls are normally more emotional and ready to adjust, but trust me girls, if you don’t clearly put out your choices and wishes, later on there can be no turning back.

4) Don’t sacrifice your career for anyone. Yes anyone! Because there is nothing more important than financial independence. Leaving your job for raising a family may be considered only if both partners are ready for it. Once you leave your job only to feel that it’s a man’s duty to earn and a woman’s duty to take care of the house, be prepared for it forever. Make sure it’s entirely your decision and you will never regret it in life.

5) If it is your nature to keep calm and let others talk anything to you, and you feel it’s a compromise for keeping a relationship or friendship, make sure you can do it forever, because if you do it 10 times and then expect the other person to do so, it may be difficult for them. And you!

6) Always be clear in expressing your expectations without any guilt of asking for too much.

7) Believe in yourself and don’t let the world fade your shine.

8) Learn self-defense and don’t be afraid to hurt anyone who tries to hurt you. your safety and security should be of utmost importance to you.

9) Don’t be afraid to move out of a toxic or abusive relationship. if you have tried enough and all attempts have failed, you don’t have to bear the burden for life too.

10) Don’t lose your identity to please anyone. People should be able to handle your personality and not try to change it.

To conclude,

All Gender are equal, all humans are equal. No one shall be judged on the basis of their choices and lifestyle.

Girls must help other females grow, but not make the males feels culprits or victims.

* This article does not intend to hurt feelings of any community or gender. The examples used are the common ones regularly heard and the writer does not wish to hurt any sentiments.

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