Unfavorable scenario (in case of crush)


If someone has a crush on you but you cannot reciprocate their feelings, here are a few ways to deny:

A) If someone approaches you with their feelings and you can’t reciprocate them, respectfully refuse with an effort not to break their heart.

B) Accept the admiration the person has for you and clarify why you cannot consent to the proposal.

C) Do not make fun of their feelings or embarrass them in front of your friends.

D) Offer to stay friends, if possible.

E) In a short period of time both of you will forget and laugh about it. So don’t lose a friend over feelings which are harmless.

One sided situation

Sometimes circumstances are such where you may be a secret admirer or in a one-sided situation. It’s so since you are scared to confess your feelings to them. Here are ways to deal with such a situation:

A) The best way will be to approach and admit your feelings.

B) If feelings are still unanswered, work on yourself to pull through.

C) Give yourself adequate time to admit the reality that your feelings cannot be accepted.

D) Distract yourself so that you have lesser time to think about them. Engage in a new activity.

E) Spend more time with family and other friends and be grateful for the positive aspect of life.

F) Meet new people and be sociable.

A triangle

Sometimes a situation arises where the person you like is in relationship with another person. It can be messy if both these are a part of your life since long. But it’s important to sort this complex situation.The following suggestions will be of assistance to deal, only after you have explained them your position honestly.

A) If you are sure of their relationship, it’s always in best interest of all to step aside.

B) Don’t go out of their life. Remain friends or in the circle if possible, otherwise they will feel a sense of guilt forever.

C) Limit your interaction with them on social media. The more you look in their life, the more you are going to hurt yourself.

D) Detachment will keep you out of harm’s way.

E) Do not try to break their relation by talking ill of either of them or by spreading rumor.

F) Don’t get anxious or depressed over this.

Getting over a crush

If you are to be found in any of the complicated situation mentioned above, you must cope with it. Suggesting techniques to overcome.

A) Do not get offended by the negative response. It is not humiliation. It’s better to accept the fact and remain friend.

B) Don’t stalk the person or try threatening them. You cannot make the person have feelings for you forcefully.

C) If they are not in relationship, continue being friends and try to develop feelings.

D) If remaining friends is not possible, move on.

E) Do not share any personal information of them online. Do not abuse or invade their privacy.

F) Don’t consider yourself a loser. May be the person does not deserve the feelings you have for them.

G) Do not make it a pride issue and seek revenge by hurting the person in any way.

H) Let go off the things for your better future. Hanging on does no good to anyone.

Though it is comprehensible that following the advice given is not easy, it’s beneficial to move on, before long. We hope you acquire strength to walk the path towards joy.

You can always contact us in case of any queries or suggestions.

Happy journey!!

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