Feeling is an emotion or belief that cannot be described in words or explained to anyone. It’s just simply felt. The person feeling it knows the best about it.

Sometimes one does not even know what exactly their sentiments mean. Feelings are interrelated and there is a thin line between various thoughts. Especially at a young age when certain thoughts are new, describing them to anyone will be difficult and at times, you may not feel confident discussing about it.

But to know what your thoughts mean, we have developed a series on feelings. Different types of emotions will be discussed to give you a fair idea of yourself.


The most common feeling at the beginning of teenage years is to have a crush on someone. Crush does not have any specific definition but in simplest forms it will mean a feeling of admiration for someone which lasts for a short period and usually gives no results.

Yet if you talk to adults about this, most will be confused, as this stage can also be the first step to a relationship that may last forever.

This feeling can be categorized under 4 heads:


Such a crush is usually on a celebrity /actor/ singer/ sportsperson or sometimes which students have on their certain teachers. It’s simply an admiration of a quality in them which is appreciated by one or many.

This feeling may or may not fade out eventually but no results are expected.


It’s usually an appreciation for someone who is in same/another class, section, subject

or year, where you just admire the person without any intention of talking or becoming friends. Such a crush is short-term and you may have a penchant for someone else soon. Also there may be more than one crush of such types. You may be flattered by various qualities in various people.

You will feel shy, may stammer and get nervous in front of that person.


This is basically a fondness for a friend or for someone in a friendly way. You do not shy away or flirt with this person. You are normally outgoing and excited to be together whether in a group or alone. Any major change in behavior is not noticed. There is no romantic inclination and you don’t feel the need to date. It’s just attraction to any personality trait of theirs and you may stay friends forever as this feeling may wither away.

On the contrary, this sentiment may nurture and lead to a lifelong relationship. So this sensation has to be monitored properly.

(This will be discussed in detail in upcoming chapters.)


· This is the emotion where one needs to observe their body language and conduct in front of the crush.

· In this situation, you have an attraction towards someone and you wish to spend more time with them.

· You plan outings with other friends but try to spare some time with them alone.

· The presence of that person becomes kind of compulsory for any event. The thought of meeting them makes you happy.

· You find out ways to talk more.

· You may be flirting with them without any regrets.

· This crush takes a lot of space in your mind as you keep thinking about them in hypothetical situations at times.

· You wish to know what they did all day and you may feel jealous if they spend more time with anyone else.

· You are nervous to directly confess your feelings but you do not shy from hinting to them what you feel by your expressions and gestures and wait for the reaction.

· If the other person also feels in similar way, it will eventually lead to a period of dating and ultimately to a relationship.

· A study of feelings can be a tricky task as each human, situations, circumstances, are different. One needs to be at caution and discreet when talking about feelings.

Sometimes the reactions may differ according to the personality of the other person.

An introvert may not be able to indicate their feelings even after understanding the hints given by you. In such scenarios you may have to read between the lines and hear beyond words. The body language and behavior of the other person needs careful scrutiny to be clear about what they feel about you. You obviously don’t want to spend time when you know the result will not be positive. An effective and mature conversation can be beneficial depending on the trust you have on each other.

But if the feelings are not reciprocated, you may continue to be friends as this phase will gradually fizzle and you will be attracted to someone else soon.

A special feeling for someone is a sensitive matter which needs to be dealt with utmost care and prudence, for both involved. Live this beautiful period of life and make memories as you grow in it.

Happy journey!!

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