Understanding True Friendship

Friends are a source of support and strength. They make difficult times easier with their wit and fun attitude. But if find yourself surrounded by toxic friends, you must gather courage to make new friends.

Let us discuss a few ways to do so:

  • If you have moved to a new city, school or area, stay in touch with old friends. They may have cousins or friends in that area.

  • Be outgoing and talk to new people.

  • Join a hobby class to meet new people. Or you can start any other activity which has no monetary transactions involved like going for a walk, cycling or playing in the nearby park.

  • Speak to people with an open mind. Don’t show your arrogance or attitude. Make it easy for them and yourself to initiate a conversation.

  • Don’t always show your superiority or intelligence and make the other person feel low. Friends are supposed to be spending fun time together.

  • Appreciate people you come in contact with. Admire their skills/ behavior/ personality.

  • Do not make friends online. You cannot trust anyone on social media where the true identity of the person is hidden. Do

not share your personal details with anyone you do not know.

  • You can join a social cause as a volunteer which introduces you to new people which share common interest.

  • Participate in more activities or competitions in school or college to get an opportunity to be known by other students and teachers.

Let us now learn how to identify a true friend.

  • A true friend will be complete contrary to a toxic friend

  • They will be available in your dark days to pull you through. They will never leave your side and will always have your back.

  • They will make a lot of effort to make your joyful days even more extraordinary by their actions.

  • They will motivate you do something incredible and appreciate every achievement of yours.

  • They will be your greatest critics. They will advise you in your favor and not what you wish to hear.

  • They will always support you and be your partners in crime. They will be ready to share the blame and the praise with you.

  • They will always favor you/ take your side even behind your back.

  • You can trust them with your feelings and secrets.

  • And most importantly, they will add value to your being and grow with you.

Now after you have identified who your true friends are, here are some ideas to make your friendship long lasting:-

Understand each other’s positive and negative characteristics and accept it. You can gradually help each other work harder and become a better individual.

  • Don’t let a misunderstanding creep in and spoil your trust. Always sort things out before it’s too late.

  • Try not to involve other friends in your fights. This may make things worse; try resolving your issues yourself.

  • Build a rapport with their parents and family.

  • Never insult or embarrass them by sharing something with others that they trusted you with. If it happens by chance, be apologetic and make up to it as soon as possible.

  • Never advise them against their family. Always give a positive outlook to their problems or situations. Never show them the wrong path. If you are not capable of advising, guide them to someone who can actually help them.

Motivate them to do something in their life. Help them decide a hobby or a career according to their strong and weak points. Be honest with them about your opinions related to them.

  • Be respectful of each other’s backgrounds, beliefs and boundaries set by each.

  • Be mature during sensitive conversations. You may or may not agree to everything but you can certainly handle things in appositive manner

  • Each person has a different personality and will behave differently. Do not compare one friend’s gestures to another. Communicate your expectations clearly.

I hope you will be able to follow the pointers provided. However if face any dilemma following something, or you need to discuss any point in detail, feel free to connect. We are always there for you.

Happy journey!!

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