Two sides of a coin

We are well aware of the phrase “two sides of a coin” which imply looking at a particular situation from two different viewpoints. Here we shall discuss some such situations which are considered negative by the majority of people. But of course, there exists the positive aspect as well.


Most often we come across people who are always criticizing which sometimes reflect their envy or insecurity. However, parents try not to criticize too much to boost the morale of their children. Both these scenarios can be harmful.

While too much criticism is unhealthy for the relationship, or for the person to whom it is referred to, too little criticism does not allow anyone to grow. If you are a parent who is always finding flaws in the work done by your child, they will be demotivated or lose intertest in that activity. However, if you do not criticize at all, or are over appreciating every little thing done by them, they will get habitual of such a response and won’t be able to accept a negative feedback from anyone.

A boundary has to be set for a healthy and constructive condemnation. Criticism shall be done in such a way that encourages the other person to work harder and better, without affecting their confidence.


When someone keeps thinking about situations which may or never occur in life, leads to sadness, anxiety and depression. But humans are unable to help it as we are always thinking about the future in addition to planning for it.

The good aspect of over thinking is that it allows you to be prepared for any situation that may happen, since over thinkers have thought about it already. They are aware of the upcoming problems and are ready with the solutions.

An important thing here is to know the limit of positive over thinking. Don’t let it cross the boundary and become negative phase which hurts.


It is definitely an emotion which no one likes. Anger is misunderstood for most of us are not aware of the correct way to express it. (An article shall be posted soon about it).

Showing your annoyance in the precise manner helps you calm down along with finding the right solution for the problem. It’s however imperative to control your words, tone and voice while doing so. Expressing your rage helps throw out the depressing emotions, which may have a negative impact on your health.

Suppressed anger has its own destructive implications.


While we are supposed to retain a lot of information in life, occasionally it’s better to forget things. It helps in overcoming grief, heals wounds and eases any discomfort due to not so good experiences. Someone who keeps everything in their mind is unable to let go of the feeling. Holding to something that provides unhappiness is not healthy.

Few instances are better when not recalled. Having free space in your mind provides opportunity for good memories to stay longer. Hence putting depressing reminiscences out of mind is better for you.

“Remember every situation has a bright side. It just depends on your attitude and how you look at it. Be wise”

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