The pandemic of 2020 brought the world to a standstill. The lives upturned. But every coin has two sides, likewise this situation also has its own pros and cons. Everybody who survives this pandemic will have their own version to put in the picture.

Just like rainfall, some love it and some don’t, there is nothing much that anybody can do about it. Acceptance is the key. The simple theory to survive is to have conviction and notice the optimistic side of the circumstance.

Let’s talk about common scenario, what positive and negative it has for us, along with how to change our mindset towards it.

1) The closing of educational institutions

This very crucial step has made it difficult for youngsters to meet their friends and chill

out. The convenience that teens share with friends cannot be described. Inability to meet friends has an impact on their mental health. The frustration, exasperation, resentment can be felt by family members.

But alternatively, there are various ways online for you to catch up with friends. The

virtual world has a lot to offer. You should be thankful for the technology that it does not let you feel unaccompanied.

Now, you can make new online friends too which was unlikely earlier. Your world may, in fact, be growing. So deem the time that you have saved from travelling and invest it online to expand your horizon.

2) Online classes

The educational field is using technology to the maximum. Of course, the enjoyment that you have in the classroom, while the teacher is teaching live in front of you is matchless. The eating of lunchbox, the cheating in examination, gossiping during class cannot be done while online.

But it provides you a respite as you don’t have to wake up early in morning, get ready and go to school/college. You can attend classes at comfort of home. You are protected from severe weather conditions (in some regions).

And this is not going to last long. It is, without a doubt, a short-term situation. You won’t get this ease in future. So enjoy till it lasts.

3) Losing out on friends

Of course, when in institutions, you have a big group of friends and you all enjoy together. Various activities are done as teams or group which makes each one feel connected to others.

But after the lock down, most of you may experience losing your friends as they don’t make contact with you. You may feel they are ignoring you.

There can be multiple reasons for the same. They may be busy in their life, may be they have certain problems at their own end, or they are waiting for you to contact them, or

they are not interested in telephonic conversation. Give them a benefit of doubt.

But it may also mean unmasking the true faces of the classmates or your friends. Accept the fact and move on. Anxiety or getting depressed will do no good. Soon you will be able to meet them again and they will be answerable for ignorance towards you.

4) Social inactivity

The introverts may not feel any major difference in their lives but the extroverts are feeling stuck at homes and are not able to socialize. The need to go out, meet new people and talk is killing most of the outgoing ones.

All to be said here is that it is need of the time to maintain social distance. You can use virtual world to connect but physically there is not much option available. You may join a social group for a cause, meet new people and continue with the activities online.

5) Locked at home with parents

Now this part is complicated for a good number of teenagers. When parents are around

24*7, you feel deprived of your freedom. The privacy is gone, restrictions are laid and whatever you do is questioned. The lack of understanding between parents and teenagers is creating complication. Disagreements and arguments between members are normal and happen in every household.

You can take this as an opportunity to build that bond now. Both of you have enough time to talk and discuss important matters. You can create an understanding and make the relationship better for the long run.

This pandemic has made us realize that family is the most important part of our life.

6) Lack of physical activity

The teenagers who were athletic or more into physical activity feel most affected, as

they are unable to go outside. This is having an impact on their personal development and growth.

But there is a lot of that can be done at home. The unavailability of a house -

help offer ample areas where you can utilize your energy (domestic chores for instance). Also workout and practice of (some) sports can be done at home. It would be wise to use the means available to you cleverly.

7) Lack of interest in studies

The universal issue of lack of interest in studies due to online classes is worrying. The ease of cheating and no competition among students has led to reduction in the time devoted to studies.

This spare time in hand shall be used to develop a hobby or to gain knowledge of something new. There are many courses available online which are free of cost. An additional skill to your personality will be beneficial in the future.

8) Mood swings

Due to the sudden change in life, teenagers are under a lot of mental pressure. Temper and tantrums are usual occurrence. When you are not able to converse to someone who understands you, you feel annoyed.

The best way to deal is to find someone whom you can trust and can straightforwardly pour your heart out. Communicating what you suffer is imperative for your psychological well being.

Also you may look at this as a chance to get motivated by your role models and encourage others if you are able to handle the anxiety. You may share the ways to survive the traumatic situation with the people around you.

9) Effect on relationships

Those of you in relationships, especially the new ones, may find it difficult to deal with the distance between you. Every bond demands time and intimacy. Now due to the lock down, most you are not able to stay connected and missing each other is normal. You may feel miserable as you may have been looking forward to spend more time together.

A positive approach could be to believe that a little distance makes the partners crave for each other more than usual. With more time available, and with the best use of social media, you may be able to know each other better before the situation becomes normal and you meet in person again.

There is nothing much that anyone can do about the prevailing circumstances, the only best way to continued existence will be to stay motivated and look at the bright side of every situation. Every dark hour has only 60 minutes. So, this too shall pass. All you require is to keep up the patience and tolerance, so that you have a miraculous and inspirational story to tell.

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