Staying positive and motivated during covid wave 2

We all are sailing in a boat which is not so new for all for us. The lock down of 2021 is a lot more different than that of 2020. Earlier it was more of a vacation and everyone enjoyed time with family away from all the hustle. All got time to rejuvenate and recharge themselves. The value of family time, health and slowing down sometimes was learnt.

But the second phase is taking a toll on us. Too much time spent at home is leading to new problems in all of us. More and more people are getting infected and we have lost a large number of people. Many families are shattered and it’s all gloomy around us. Adding to it, no social activity, missing the fast-paced life, no chill out time with friends, missing the fun of school and college life. people have lost the charm of learning new things online and cooking new recipes. It is of utmost importance to stay positive and motivated during the second wave, and prepare our self for the predicted third wave.

Though the youth today is so smart and well aware of everything, but sometimes a reminder is needed. Some of us are utilizing our time but some of us are undeniably ignorant what to do entire day, how to spend time which is ultimately leading to loneliness, anxiety and depression.

So, some ways to stay motivated during lock down are:

1. The first and foremost it is imperative to realize that it’s a phase and will pass.

Nothing lasts forever

2. Social media is important but don’t make it your life. Stay away from fake life of others.

3. Start something new- a creative page or a freelance work to be engaged.

4. Keep your mind at work incessantly by engaging in various activities.

5. Work on yourself. Workout, mediate, build strong self.

6. Take the opportunity and time in hand to fill any gaps you have. Develop skills which will help in future.

7. Pursue a hobby which you could not find time for earlier

8. Another thing which I believe in, and everyone should do is- If feeling low, admit your feelings and take a break. Inform family and stay isolated. Don’t get upset with everyone around.

9. If anyone in family feeling the same, help them. Holding on to others will make the difficult path easy to cross. Give mom a break. Let her indulge in herself for a day. Do chores.

10. An act of kindness definitely brings peace. Start at home.

11. Have a Positive attitude towards everything. Each coin has two sides. Look for good in every situation.

12. An attitude of Gratitude- be thankful for all good things.

13. Last thing I want to share is very powerful technique is a manifestation chart. Write good things that you want to happen in your life, write them in present tense and put them at a place where you see every day. Read them and believe in them.

Along with the manifestation chart, I will also share few affirmations that teens should follow every day.

Positive affirmations are phrases that can be repeated daily to help put you in the right frame of mind. These Pronouncements can provide emotional support and boost your self-confidence. Optimistic affirmations are very powerful because they remove pessimism, anxiety, burden, and apprehension. Repeating these affirmations stimulate your thoughts, gradually altering your pattern of thinking and ultimately changing your life. Affirmations are similar your wish-list to the universe. They assist you convey your choices into your subconscious mind so they can manifest themselves in your life.

· I am unique and beautiful in my own way

· I am getting better every day

· I am loved by myself and those around me

· I am ready to overcome any challenges

· My flaws don’t make me inferior to anyone

· I am healthy, happy and contented

· I am grateful for all good things in my life

· Failures make me better

· I believe in it and I can achieve it with my hard work and sincerity

· I am ready to learn new things every day

· I can say no and stand up for myself

· I will keep going and growing.

· I attract positive vibes only.

You can also maintain a Gratitude Journal- where you can write some of the following every day.

· Three good things that happened to me today

· Three good things I am thankful for

· Three things I want to say to my father/ mother/ sibling/ friend/ anyone else

· Three things which I want to change about myself

· Three things which I consider luxury of my life

· Three things which are comforting to me

· Three situations that have changed me for the good

· Three things I am looking forward to

· Three things I want to learn/upgrade about myself

· Three things I believe in

Summing up, realize that the entire power lies with your mind, control it and make it do what you want, instead of the opposite.

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