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The second important pillar of your life is your friends. Therefore, coordination between parents and friends is of supreme importance. You need to create the balance between two major aspects of your life.

We will discuss this topic under three heads

1) Your group of friends.

If your parents do not like the vibe of a particular friend, or do not want you to hang out with a particular person, listen to them. Ask them what they did not like in him/her. Talk it out. Understand the reason. Trust their instinct or prove to them the innocence of your friend. It is either way. But do not fight with them over a temporary person. No person can be spared from the super x-ray vision of parents who can clearly see the intention of other children. And you do not want any tension to build up while having the fun time of the day.

However if you still feel that parents could be wrong in judging your friend, call him/her over and clear the air. Ask for another chance to impress. Not all firsts are lasts!

Introduce your parents to those of your friends’. This will help parents to have reliance on your friends. Friendship of parents will bring stability to your friendship.

Your special friend

You may want to discuss the proposals, your crush or attraction towards someone with your parents and introduce your boyfriend/ girlfriend to them. This will help them learn you are growing up and ready for mature relationships in life. Having a relationship is quite a responsibility and you need support of your parents to have a great experience out of it.

The bond between your special friend and parents is very important. Also build a connection with parents of your friend. The kind of relationship parents share with each other reflects in relationships of their children. Understanding relationship of your parents will give you a clear picture of any lack in yours and will provide scope of improvement. And you will need the expert advice of parents/ elder siblings to enjoy this beautiful period of yours.

The parents may not approve of such relationships at a particular age to protect from distractions, and to keep you focused on studies and career. But if you are convinced of your feelings, you need to convince them that you can maintain the balance. Communication will help here.

3) Peer pressure

Peer pressure, FOMO, etc are trending these days. Everyone wants to be most happening person in the group. Inform your parents if you tried a cigarette, alcohol or drugs in any form or if you are forced to do that by some friends. If you are scared that they will yell or get upset, you know the reason! Period.

If you continue to consume such substances and unable to leave the habit or the friends who insist on such activities, inform parents. They can help you overcome such habits and gain confidence. Even if you do not want to leave such habits, they should know from you rather than other sources and get disappointed. They must be aware of your way of life.

Maintaining a transparent relationship may be a difficult task to initiate but believe me, it will go a long way!!

I hope you will be able to follow the pointers provided. However if face any dilemma following something, or you need to discuss any point in detail, feel free to connect. We are always there for you.

Happy journey!!

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