Relationship with parents- 1


As you continue your teenage journey, you will meet a lot of temporary and permanent people who will make your life easier or tougher. However, the people at both ends of the tunnel will always be your family, YOUR PARENTS!

I will not state the fact that parents know it all, but I will undeniably say that you should understand your parents now. You are old enough to be at that side of the table.

1) Your parents have seen you grow from day 1 of your life and suddenly when you are in your own world which has a larger room for your friends, they feel to have lost the child who came running to them for each little need. Trust me kids, they miss you. And it can be felt in their sarcasm only!

2) They have not seen you grow as you entered this tunnel (tween age) and hence it’s your duty to make them realize that you are big now, by your actions, and not words. Parents are happy to see the kids growing into mature, wise humans. Demonstrate it to them.

3) Your parents have seen a larger world than you have and are aware of the fears which you are yet not . Their protective nature may feel binding you at times.

4) Parents have their own battles guys. Believe me, they are looking for support from you. After reaching a certain age, you need to hold on to them.

Here are a few actions to show them you are dependable and reasonable teenagers.

1) Most of you may not be spending enough time with your parents. Start that now. Take meal/s together, watch a movie, go shopping, cook together. And do it all without your phone/gadgets around. During this period, do not talk about your friends. Talk about their day and life in general.

2) Find out topics of common interests to talk about, which can help you know your parents more. Have a game night or quiz on them to see your stand.

3) Give them a day/ evening off. Do chores to give them some free time. Illustrate you are becoming responsible and sensible.

4) Try to involve them in your life. Share stories of school, class and friends with them. Make them feel they are a part of your life.

5) Reduce your communication gap by discussing with them the challenges that you face. They may be annoyed or disappointed at first, but they are the ones who desire the best for you. Explain your view point to them calmly. They have passed the stage and will be able to fit in your shoes.

6) Understand what is bothering them and try resolving it by your promises leading to actions.

7) Provide a window to your parents into your life with clear boundaries. If you draw a line, they will agree and be happy with a sneak peak.

8) Don’t be embarrassed of your parents. You are because of them. You can help them adjust according to changing times and situation. Make friends with your parents. Be patient with them. They need you even if they don’t say that. Remember they are ageing too. Be there as they have been with you all through.

After everything else, most significant and for the most part- tricky

Don’t hide anything from your parents. Take them into confidence always. Share as much as possible. And if there is something you cannot share, ask yourself the question-why? Transparent relationship with them will help you earn privacy that you deserve at your age. Parents know everything and will test you by asking questions. Each correct answer will provide you more trust. Higher the trust they have on you, more the space to yourself you get!

A perfect relationship with your parents is first step to a wholesome life.

I hope you will be able to follow the pointers provided, gradually. However if you face any dilemma or hesitation, or you need to discuss any point in detail, feel free to connect and chat. We are always there for you!

Happy journey

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