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It has always been warned not to talk to strangers. Due to certain insecurities attached to online friendship, it was unacceptable till some time back. But the existing circumstances have left us with no alternative but to expand our contacts and have more links online.

There is a variety of social platforms where you can be acquainted with new people. In addition social interaction apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snap chat, Meet up, there are various gaming and dating apps which introduce you to group with similar interests.

Initially, the original identity of the person is hidden. Gradually as you have common area of interest, you may contact more and spend a lot of time online together. More information about each other may offer sensations of comfort and friendship.

Speaking of gaming apps, the familiarity begins as you start playing together. If you have same technique of playing, or like each other’s game plan, you may want to play jointly in future. Personal messages start to invite, but privacy remains as usually game avatar names are used for a longer time. Private information is shared only after a level of confidence is attained. Gender and age of the person does not actually matter. The gaming community is more concerned in playoffs and their companionship stay in that area for a longer part of life.

On the other hand, if we talk about social platform, there are various stages of companionship

  • It starts by way of appreciating the effort of each other.

  • If you have common interest, you may look forward to work together.

  • This way a closer connection is formed. Lengthy work related conversation transform into informal chatter.

  • You share your phone details. Calls and gradually video calls begin.

Difference between online and offline friends:

  • You and offline friends may know each other for quite some time now. The level of confidence between online and offline friends will differ.

  • The background of online pal may possibly be mysterious for a longer time.

  • You would like to make an impression on your online buddy, although you will be very laid-back with offline ones.

  • The family will know more about your offline friends if they visit often or have been your friends for several years. Introducing an online friend will have its own challenges.

  • Online friendships depend on internet accessibility. Any network malfunction disturbs it. Besides, spending a lot of time with gadgets has numerous hazards.

  • There will be a lot to talk about with offline friends but you cannot be totally candid with online friends in the early days.

  • You have more space to yourself with friends in virtual world. The real world friends cannot leave you by yourself if you are downhearted.

  • You can effortlessly block online people but hiding from real world friends will be tough.

  • The reality of offline friends cannot be judged against online friends. You may never even meet them.

By this consideration, it is not stated that online friends are any less significant than offline pals. It is human personality to feel secure with the individual with whom vibes match.

Certain youngsters may have a preference for online friendship.

1. They may find it easier to talk to an unidentified person as the fear of being judged does not exist.

2. They prefer texting to conversations.

3.They find it exciting to meet people from diverse races, backgrounds, countries etc.

4.They may not be interested to go out of their comfort zone to meet friends.

Despite the fact that online friendship has its own pros and cons, there is a necessity to be cautious.

Beware of someone who:

  • Talks distasteful, offensive or vulgar

  • Flirts or makes you uncomfortable

  • Asks for or sends obscene pictures/videos

  • Give you an idea that they are sad/ depressed and need you.

  • try to be familiar with your personal life almost immediately

  • Attempt to ruin your social reputation by trolling you

The problems come into view when you have to disclose your online friendship to your parents/ family.

  1. You must reveal it only when you have answer to all the questions you suppose they will want to know.

  2. Don’t inform them out of the blue, maintain an ongoing talk for several days so that they identify that name and it does not come as a shock to them.

  3. It will affect the confidence they have on you as they will doubt your actions.

  4. Also be sure that their family is acquainted with you. If their family is unaware, you may want to know the reason. The online friendship will turn to offline only if you are positive of their intention.

If you sense to have developed feelings for the online friend, keep it to yourself unless you have total faith on them. Don’t admit or show your desperation. If you get similar vibes, you may talk about it obliquely.

If you plan to meet your online friend/ go on dates via such apps, you have to take certain precautions:

  1. Someone must know where and when you are meeting.

  2. Have a friend with you if you are unconvinced.

  3. Prefer a public place and closer to your house.

  4. Provide their contact information to someone you trust.

  5. Decide to meet during day time rather than late evenings.

  6. Do not accept pick up or drop offer.

  7. Carry a pepper spray, just to be equipped.

Every friendship grows fonder at its own pace. Trust is built with time. Online or offline makes no difference whatsoever till the time you are contented and in high spirits.

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