Each personality type has certain misconceptions about them.

Let’s break those illusions and be aware of the community with diverse personalities even better:

Myths about Introverts

Myth: Introverts are not good leaders.

They may turn out to be better communicators or orators. Due to their excellence in listening and mental observations, they are confident in speaking their mind. Introverts pay attention to body language and comprehend more than words. These qualities make them superior leaders or bosses.

Myth: Introverts symbolize better at studies/ tech savvy

Any individual can be excellent in whichever subject they are interested in. An introvert does not automatically mean a nerd. However, their eagerness and intense attention will make them expert in their particular fields.

Myth- Introverts are shy

Being Shy is more of a social anxiety. Introverts are not shy; they desire to stay quiet and are reserved. They will be observing you while you may feel they are afraid to talk.

Shyness can be caused due to biological, social and psychological reasons. A shy person is afraid to talk to others but doesn’t want to be alone. They feel nervous and insecure around people. So being shy and being an introvert is not the same thing.

Myth- They are always annoyed or rude

Since they enjoy on their own, most people assume they are arrogant or egoistic. They take time to get at ease which is usually misjudged by others.

Myth: They consider themselves superior to others

Since they are confident of their ideas and always willing to discuss their point of view, they are considered to be non- cooperative in team works.

Myth: They are not good friends

They, in fact, prove to be better at companionship, relations and profession because they make choices following an extensive observation. They may be Friends to only some but portray real and honest friendship. They are fantastic secret keepers too.

Myths about Extraverts

Myth: Extroverts are talkative / Attention seeking

Despite the fact that extraverts are good at conversation, that definitely does not signify they can go on with that chat if the vibes do not match. They are noticed by people due to their expressive behavior, which could be unintentional.

Myth: Extroverts have better set of connections

Extroverts may be acquainted with a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean good associations. An introvert could have better network if the quality and not the number matters. So an introvert may as well be resourceful.

Myth: Extroverts can’t keep their life secretive

Extroverts are not an open book to all. They talk about a range of topics and not their personal life with everyone. Delicate issues are shared only with group they have confidence on.

Myth: Extroverts are jobless (as they are always available)

Extraverts want to be around people and they wish to be available to everyone who needs them. They are excellent at time management and are familiar with their priorities. They may be in the middle of an important task but will never let you think they are busy if you need them.

How to make an introverted individual feel comfortable:

· Respect their need for privacy

· Never imitate their behavior, especially if you are an extrovert

· Give them adequate time to get familiarized with new places.

· Don’t interrupt them

· Don’t rush them

· Don’t push them towards more people

· Prefer private conversation for serious and important issue.

Some famous introverts: Bill gates, Warren buffet, J K Rowling, Emma Watson, Elon Musk.

How to care for an extravert:

· Admire their freedom

· Acknowledge their enthusiasm

· Don’t keep them waiting

· Don’t get the wrong impression about their actions and words.

· Chat about different topics with them.

· Be frank about your opinions concerning them.

Some famous extraverts: Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Muhammad Ali, Steve jobs, George W Bush.

We can conclude by saying that none of the personalities are inherently better than the other; each has its own strengths and weaknesses. You may wish to change certain specific characteristics in you to make yourself a better individual. But remember nobody is perfect.

Be what you are; be proud of your unique self.

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