Any relationship, be it employer-employee, friends, love or marriage has its ups and downs. Each has its own lows and highs, both on individual level and as a couple.

It has to be understood that no relationship is 50-50. In true world, one of them has to contribute more to the relationship to make it work if the other one is not able to. If other is unwilling, will be a different story altogether. But to make any relationship work, the contribution can be 60-40 or even 70-30. The one contributing more has to make an effort and complete the missing part of the partner to make it a whole. An argument or a disagreement does not mean end of a relationship. It has to be and must be worked out to the maximum extent.


The common and most often fights happen in family or among friends. The most

common topics with parents are discipline, education, usage of gadgets, besides certain topics individual to each family. Some misunderstandings may also occur between friends. It is important to understand that this situation is not permanent.

· Never speak bad words or language. The time will be forgotten but the hurt may remain for a longer period. Sometimes forever.

· Take time to cool down before reacting. Give them time to understand your point of view.

· You may as well try to understand their opinion too.

· Discuss options to solve the problem and reach a conclusion unanimously.

· Try to make peace with all those hurt during the process. Apology does not make anyone big or small. The one who apologizes cares for the relation rather than the ego.

· Never hit or get into physical fights.

· If possible, and feasible, remove yourself from the negative situation. Keep away from whatever hurting you if you can’t change that.

· Never talk bad about them to others. Your family and friends will always be most important to you. it is a temporary distance created which shall be resolved soon.

· Give them time to accept if you did any mistake. But don’t make it forever to reach them.

· Sometimes you cannot change someone’s view point about you. in that case, leaving them and moving on is important for your well-being.

· Staying away from negativity is your choice.


It is common for couples to have arguments and fights. It may be considered healthy to a point as by fighting, you are able to convey your opinion to them. but you must be aware of the safe boundary for the same. Never let the limit be crossed. we can see how to try and resolve minor issues as a couple.

· Never take your partner for granted, and never be taken for granted as well.

· Communicating your issues, fears and insecurities is very important.

· An apology can be considered but it should not be a habit of the partner to expect the same always.

· Work out on the major issues affecting your relationship and find out ways to

make it better.

· Be sure that both of you are equally involved to make it work.

· If it is not working, talk it out before ending the relationship. Try keeping the break- up cordial and respectful.

· Any relationship shall not affect your self- respect and confidence.

Remember it is always “give and take” and never “take and give” or “take and take” or “give or give”. You have to give in what you wish to have in return.

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