A long-distance relationship can be quite upsetting as the partners are physically not present with each other. But sometimes circumstances are such that there is no way besides continuation. If one of them gets to a decent institution, university or a job, future cannot be jeopardized. In such scenario, a greater level of understanding and communication will be essential.

How to prepare yourself rationally for a long-distance relationship:

· Emotional acceptance is important.

· Communication is crucial to decide the upcoming times.

· Strategize your schedules according to variation in time zones, dissimilar routines, holidays etc. Plan the apps that you will use etc.

· Concentrate on your own work, studies, hobbies etc to keep busy.

· Set rules corresponding to situations which may arise far along.

· Accept their new friends, they will need people there to have a good life. Don’t be jealous or possessive

· Don’t be adverse about it. Work for it if you are eager to maintain the connection.

· Be devoted and expect the equal.

· Be real, practical and judge where it is going. Don’t give a blind eye to anything that may matter in the future.

Finest ways to pay attention to each other:

· Be truthful about your activities while being away from each other.

· Make special time for each other.

· If you have been together for an extended period and know their family well, you can spend more time with them.

· Respect each other’s routine and work schedules. Do not whine about deficiency of time and consideration.

· You may surprise each other by visits/ gifts etc.

· You can devote your extra time to learn a new activity and amaze them.

· Trust each other.

· Plan virtual dates like watching movies, video chats or an activity to do together.

· Discuss your future clearly.

When to call it quits:

· When one of the partners got to move, the course of the relationship should be discussed frankly. If the shifting is provisional or for a short extent, it will be easier to continue. However, if its long term or permanent, it will require greater discussion.

·If you have different life goals and unable to alter, it’s wiser to terminate it.

If it turns out to be stressful for you to handle a long-distance relationship.

· It is not adding worth to your life.

· You have lost interest in each other after meeting numerous new people.

· It ought to be discussed together and the conclusion must be mutual. One should not stop talking and abandon their partner.

A relationship is not a walk in the park. It has to be worked upon. Effort and care are the elementary requirements to make any relationship work. Distance does matter, but career and success are equally vital. So be clear of your expectations and future.

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