Living upto,our 'Choices'

At this time, everyone us have hard time,making choices, choices we won't regret living, in future isn't it?

But in this hurdle of choices, we tend to miss out our happiness, we fear from the things,we want to do,or long for.

What's fear? -That's just a False Evidence Appearing Real!

We often fear from something which has not yet happened or may never tend to happen,then why do we fear?

And deep down we all once try but then our interfered by the false evidence and our own thoughts that what will he,she they say in short words what will this WORLD SAY! What they will think about me! And this is the Worst thing for our dream which stop achieving our ambitions and that too by ourselves. For a second,lets forget what the World is gonna think and accept our happiness, because at the end, you CANNNOT be happy, with something you don't want, so let's make the choices,we won't regret living in future.

-Muskan Jain

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