Let's start this all over again

So it was a fine day, we were best friends and fought on some silly issue.

It was about 3 am I was so upset with the fight and was angry that how you can rudely say "ok bye" to me.

My overthinking session was going on at top most level. Then their arrived a ping notification in my phone. Yes it was you, apologising and pampering me. I was smiling like an idiot at 3 am. There when it all started. But after some months, when small issues started taking a shape of big issues. Small actions started effecting like a bullet shot right at your heart. That's when we were losing it, that's when it was getting bitter and sour from sweet and salty. Our friends used to call us Tom and Jerry but now we both were like Angry Birds.

And then we ended everything.

I knew you're in regret, that why did we got involved in such thing which isn't made for us. We aren't made for each other. And you wanted to go back in time, to stop that 1am fight and that cute 3am patch up.

So let's end everything that happened till now, and have a fresh start.

Let's be the iconic Tom and Jerry duo again.

And yes I'm Jerry, the most common argument between us about who's the Jerry anyways.

Yours Jerry


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