It's Okay to Not be Okay!

You may have lost hope, feel overwhelmed by disappointment, or just feel like your heart is in a thousand pieces. Whatever the reason, this is how you feel.

  • You have the right to be sad

Life is not always easy. You get tired of fighting and faking a smile when your soul wants you to cry. It’s exhausting trying to deal with people.

  • Covering up your sadness has become your norm and the way you’ve kept going is by ignoring it. But not anymore. You can’t do it any longer. You’ve lost interest in life and you can’t hide it anymore.

It’s not your job to always be fine or make people think you are. Remember that masks hurt too, because they conceal the real you and allow you to deny yourself.

On your sad days, cry if that’s what you need, scream if you can’t take it anymore. It’s better to express how you feel than to let yourself drown.

Embrace yourself tightly, very tightly

From now on, forget your fears and be brave enough to be honest with yourself and see where you’re at. Look in the mirror and give yourself the love you’ve been neglecting.

Don’t be afraid. The worst that can happen is that you might discover a stranger looking back at you.

If so, embrace her. Embrace her. To get reacquainted with yourself, there’s no better medicine than the warmth of feeling loved… and it’s been too long.

You need to forgive your mistakes, the times you didn’t know what to do. Nobody is born knowing. Your mistakes are part of your learning, it’s life.

But believe me, you learned from each one. At least you learned what not to do, and isn’t it good to know? Each one brings you one step closer.

Maybe you realize that you’ve been waiting so long for someone to say this to you that you forgot that the only person who could do it was YOU.

The sun will rise after your sad days

Your sad days need you to listen to them so that you will understand them. Only then will your wounds begin to heal little by little and the pain begin to disappear.

Understanding it is the key to progress and self-love is most powerful tool to get there.

Your sad days help you to disconnect from the outside and connect with yourself.

Because, even though after your sad days the sun only peeks out so that you can get used to it again, it is up to you whether you go out and take it in or cover yourself up with a blanket to hide from it.

Dare to go out. Be brave once again and understand your sadness, and be you.

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