Impact of social media on teens

Social media is a double edged sword. It has both negative and positive impacts, especially on the teenager mind which is not completely prepared to make a distinction between right and wrong. Apps like LinkedIn, Handshake, YouTube, Twitter, Snap chat, Instagram, and Facebook are considered significant. These apps are practical if used in limit and with discretion. Overindulgence in social media is detrimental in several ways.

Let us take a look at the positive outcome of social media:

· Broadens your connection- it facilitates to get associated with a large number of people in the field of your interest and therefore grants additional exposure and prospects.

· Boosts knowledge- you can sign up for varied online courses or utilize the accessible videos and gain information.

Develop technical dexterity- you are able to explore and discover new techniques to do things, the awareness of handling gadgets rises and you become skilled at cyber etiquette.

· Helps display your talent- you can demonstrate your talents to the world effortlessly since you are in touch with natives from all over the globe.

Awards with infinite range- it introduces you to a range of areas which could be unheard of earlier and inquisitiveness in that field may help you in future.

· Online support groups - a lot of online support groups exist where members aid each other to grow, improve their business and also overcome anxiety or depression.

· Associations with career driven groups- you can network with people in field of your profession, approach them for opportunity or guidance straightforwardly.

Now let us take a look at the Negative impact:

· Cyber bullying- in view of the fact that the true identity is unknown, people have a tendency to troll the ones they dislike or are envious of.

· Wrong companionship - you are incapable to know the reality of your online associates and they may not be as they give the impression to be.

· Deterioration of physical health- proximity to gadgets continually and lack of exercise has harmful impact on your well being.

Increased seclusion- you prefer virtual world more than the actual world and so there is a lack of human interaction which leads to augmented loneliness and anxiety.

· Pressure to react promptly to the likes and comments- you want to be available to the members of the online social community and assume that any postponement in response will spoil your reputation.

· Anxiety if belated engagement - correspondingly, if there is a delay from the community to respond to your action, you feel insecure and vulnerable.

· Fake life appears real leading to poor mental health, and fretfulness. The lifestyle publicized online is almost inaccurate. And occasionally, you overlook the struggle behind someone’s achievement and are fascinated by their life only to deem yours as uninteresting and unexciting.

· Peer influence based on fame on social media- the number of online contacts; supporters and social engagement shapes your popularity in the real life peer group.

Obligation to illustrate a thrilling life - a pressure is created to magnify and show off several events of your life to stay in the race.

· Change in eating and sleeping patterns- you are inclined to be online all the time which hampers the sleep schedule. A reduction of physical work out leads to drop in appetite.

· Excess screen time-being in front of the screen at all times has its own disadvantages.

· Jealousy, anger and comparison lead to irritability- comparison of your life to those seen online annoys you. This aggravates your grumpiness.

· Less family time- of course, the blow of your mood swings is borne by the family. Bond between members shrinks owing to little time spent together.

Lesser voice calls resulting in social barrier- today’s generation is more comfortable texting rather than conversation, the drawback of which are suffered during a visit or meeting face to face.

· Loss of privacy to facilitate brag -whichever modest achievement or incidents occur in your life has to be shared with online world. Whatever you eat, drink, witness, perform or experience is known to your followers.

Role of parents or self balance is crucial to lessen the consequence of social media:

· Set time limit for social media usage- each app have to be used in limit. There should also be a check on screen time.

· Use responsibly-be clear in your mind to make use of the apps prudently for your benefit rather than unnecessary chit chat.

· Need not be available on every platform- you have to recognize the apps required for your growth and entertainment. You don’t have to exist all over social media.

· Parents can keep an eye on the accounts- parents must ensure they have knowledge of online friends, actions and conversation in their child’s virtual world.

Parents must clarify the unacceptable behavior - youngsters must be informed the manner of activities which will not be accepted.

· Encourage real communication, voice or video calls with friends and relatives rather than texts. Parents must support socializing with family and acquaintances.

· Less digital dependency is crucial- nowadays it is a routine of doing everything online, be it studying, shopping, or even catching up with pals. Moreover, online search engines have substituted talks with the senior generation. It is essential to check this practice.

· If you follow celebrities, be conscious of the difference in lives. Don’t compare your life with theirs. They have attained their success subsequent to great effort and hard work. Furthermore, they have to be accessible online for their audience and admirers.

· Don’t wait for feedback on each action - if you have posted something, don’t expect a reaction right away. Expectations such as a positive reply or a response from a particular person will upset you.

It is essential for the youth to utilize the resources available to them smartly. It is accurately said “excess of everything is bad”. So a sense of balance has to be sustained to draw out the finest consequences of the internet.

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