Identity Crisis

Identity crisis broadly means failure to achieve ego identity, especially during adolescence. The teenagers have rapid changes in hormones, emotions and physical being. They are most prone to contemplating their identity in the world- in area of career, gender roles and family. Teens begin to question themselves, their purpose, sense and identity. It affects the mental health leading to anxiety and depression.

(Reasons, symptoms and solutions related to psychological well-being had been discussed previously.)

Exploring teenage years, identifying various issues and trying to derive solutions can support in self-achievement.

What are the common Signs of identity crisis to look for?

You can look for following symptoms if they are consistent:

· Fatigue

· Mood swings

· Loss of interests

· Lack of concentration and motivation

· Sleep disorders

How identity crises Distresses you?

· You question all aspects of your life- be it friends, relations, career, etc.

· You doubt your role in the society

· Self-challenge your knowledge

· You are unsure about everything

· Major changes in life which shook your confidence like moving places, loss of someone close, long illness etc.

· You keep searching for passion and reason of your life

· You view yourself negatively leading to anxiety.

· You feel hopeless and worthless.

How to find solutions?

· Know your qualities- Trust yourself that you also have some talent which may be hidden by now. Explore options to find out what you like and enjoy. You will find something which makes you unique.

· Cope with changes in your life- life is all about ups and downs. Get over the changes soon and start a normal life. Some tips have been shared earlier.

· Restart your hobbies- if you used to indulge in an activity and left doing it for some reason, try restarting it. It will give you a chance to know yourself.

· Find out what motivates you- each individual is motivated by something or the other. Make sure you are aware of what inspires you to work harder.

· Find contentment and joy in things- look for enjoyment and fun in whatever you do. If your activity provides you satisfaction and peace of mind, you must continue doing it.

· Find support - in form of friends, family, activities and field of your interest. Having people who encourage and appreciate you is very important to grow. But do look out for fake people.

· Relieve yourself from people’s judgment and expectations- Don’t let yourself get demotivated or sad if someone is not able to understand you. not everyone can have same perspective as yours about things. Be confident and let people have their own opinion.

· An attitude of gratitude - always be happy with everything you have in life. Gratitude attracts more of everything in your life.

· Be positive- always look for good in every situation. Each coin has two sides. Having positivity in life is important to grow.

· Follow your traditions and customs- our traditions and belief keep us rooted. No matter where ever you and what you do, your customs will help you overcome difficulties in life. Have faith in your traditions.

· If needed, ask for professional or medical help- don’t feel embarrassed to ask for help. Sometimes another person can help you come out of the situation.

· Change is a constant – accept that life changes for the good. Difficult times make you stronger and smarter. these help you find a better you.

Building a strong self:

· Define yourself

· Accept our uniqueness

· Don’t lie to yourself

· Don’t act to please others

· Recognize your strengths and weakness

· Own your values of kindness, empathy and honesty

· Make choices of your interest

· Don’t compare yourself with others

· Display your personality without any shame or guilt

· Don’t try to fit in expectations of parents

· Don’t struggle to fit in the peer group.

God created you for a reason. You will find it out eventually, sooner or later. Stay happy, be positive and grateful for good things in life. What you think, you become.

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