How a pet changes your life

The pet owners all over the world find their world in their pet. As they say “love is a four-legged word”

Having someone around you constantly, loving you unconditionally is everyone’s desire. But trusting a human (except family) to love you this way is high expectation. Nevertheless, there is one living being, another beautiful creation of God who is extremely warm, kind hearted and loving.

Having a pet, be it a dog, cat, rabbit, bird, cow, elephant or a turtle, is an added

responsibility. They shall not be taken for granted. They must be provided the attention and care they deserve. Of course, the cost of keep does upsurge owing to visits to the vet, their grooming, food, besides their habit of chewing everything available to them ranging from clothes, furniture, shoes, cables etc. Time management becomes utmost important particularly when you have to go at a non-pet friendly place to fulfill social commitments. Making suitable arrangements for the pet is crucial since they are habit forming creatures, thus variations in their routine makes them anxious.

This discussion isn’t to scare you! It can be considered a minor investment to reap enormous returns that are stated below:


Having a pet is an additional obligation which needs to fulfilled. When you have someone, who is dependent on you for care and basic requirements, you have a tendency to be more attentive and responsible.

Children gain confidence when they care for an animal and watch it grow.


The pet ensures physical exercises to maintain your health. You have to go for regular walks, run along with them, and play with them which guarantees health and fitness.


Not just physical, pets take care of your mental health too by releasing the happy

hormones in the body. They reduce our stress and keep us joyful. They help aggressive children to become patient and calm. Even while playing with themselves, for example chasing their own tail or a fly, the pets bring laughter.


Pets are habit forming and they make sure you follow the time-table too. They will be your alarm clock in the morning and wake you up at the same time every day. You will need to feed them at the similar timings and take them for walks too. It is also essential to teach them tricks and groom them at home.


As pet owners take their pets for regular walks at similar times, they meet other dog owners too and get sociable. Nowadays there are clubs and pet salon etc. where you meet other such possessors. Pet play dates are getting common.

Also, they meet animal lovers who are glad to meet these pets. So, they interact and form friendly relations.


Pets are extremely possessive of their owners and don’t like to share them with anyone.

Thus, anyone who even thinks of harming them is at risk. Dogs can sense the negative energy or danger, consequently stay vigilant and protect their family.


A pet is your companion for life. They will follow you everywhere. Pets love you more than you do, their sentiments are true and unconditional. They are brilliant mood lifters too. They never let you be unhappy.


Since you have a friend forever, you can talk to, play with and spend time with, you will never feel lonely, sad or depressed. They never let you get bored. It is also alleged that

talking to your pet about problems is a good way to vent out your feelings, they never reveal your secrets!


Since the pet owners are physically fit and mentally well, not sad or depressed, the risk of illness automatically reduces. The hormones secreted while playing with pets also benefit the health.

Children take time away from gadgets and spend time with their pets which has dual advantage of diminishing adverse effects of online world along with making them energetic.


When you have a purpose in life, it automatically becomes better. Having a meaning

provides contentment. Especially for those who are retired, or older people left alone find pleasure and fulfillment in caring for a pet. Studies have shown families getting closer due to animals around them.

some important points worth mentioning here

- only an animal lover will find these benefits factual. Those who are fearful, or allergic may not entirely agree.

-those who are unable to own a pet due to constraints of time, space and money, can adopt the stray animals and take care of them. You don’t need to buy an animal; you can feed and love animals in shelters or on roadsides.

-some of us fear the distress that will be faced once the pet leaves the world as their life span is short. This indeed is a disheartening situation but a recollection of good time spent with a pet and making their life happier and comfortable shall be enough reason to have one. Nothing will last forever except beautiful memories and experiences.

- this article is not intended to demean non- animal lovers. I myself has been one till the beginning of 2021. My opinions transformed when I visited an elephant reservoir in Rajasthan and then my pet dog entered my life to change it forever. They are looking only for love and care from humans. They do not hurt unless they sense fear.

Looking forward to read your experience (in the comments) of having a paw-friend in life.

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