A friend, a best friend or a friendly crush; and in certain circumstances a platonic friend till now, can transform into a beautiful lifelong relationship.

An enduring bond after a friendship is not rare. But then, it has to be accepted at the right time and confessed. Depending on the period you have spent with each other and for how long you felt so, your crush may have, by now, turned into liking or fondness.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you may be at the beginning of a remarkable relationship. Nothing better than to share your life with the one you can always trust. Having your best friend as your ultimate companion is a thrilling and delightful experience.

How to identify an attachment with “the special” friend:

1) If the thought of distancing yourself from them hurts you.

2) Sharing that person with anyone else makes you jealous.

3) You are possessive and protective about them.

4) Awareness of each other’s habits, strengths and weakness.

5) You Share emotional intimacy.

6) The care you have for each other is more than that for other friends.

7) You always feel valued and appreciated with them.

8) You are comfortable with each other’s family.

9) You understand each other’s moods very well

10) You know how to comfort them if anything goes wrong.

11) You may feel heart skips a beat on a glimpse, hearing the name or discussing about them

Such a sensation may make you feel awkward at first. Asking your friend out may mean risking the friendship. So, before asking out, be definite of their thoughts. A

Revelation shall be effective only if you get similar vibes and are positive of their emotional condition. Once you have felt each other’s sentiment and confessed, you may officially start dating.

How to be unquestionable that attachment is turning into affection?

Certain behavioral variations will make it apparent:

· Change in mannerisms like coming closer while talking, leaning towards you, eye

contact etc.

· You may sense a modification in the way they call you/your name.

· A subtle touch gives you goose bumps.

· Elusive clues such as discussion of future with you.

· You now spend more time in each other’s company.

· Remembering tiny details about you and your conversations.

Progressively, as the bond gets stronger:

1) Your goodbyes are unlike usual.

2) First thought in morning to last mention at night.

3) The people around you can see your chemistry.

4) You wait for compliments from each other.

5) You discuss everything with each other

6) You can sense their emotions even during chats

7) You share all your reservations and joys.

8) Your families are known to each other.

If the closeness is providing happiness and contentment, follow your instinct and don’t shy away from each other. It is normal to have such feelings with only clause attached – to be loyal. Taking your friendship to next level is a serious matter and must be considered only after being extremely confident. Don’t consider having the relationship just for fun or under any sort of pressure. Handling a relationship requires maturity and heartfelt emotions.

Still, if somebody is smitten by you, but unable to gather the courage to confess, you can comprehend the following gestures:

1) begin to avoid or distance themselves from you abruptly

2) sidestep or isolate if scared to ruin the friendship.

3) will gaze at you but then look away as your eyes make contact

4) blush and are shy in your company

5) listen to you and reminisce everything you said.

6) Smile when you are around

7) Make you feel special but are nervous

8) People in their life know about you.

It is difficult to deal with human emotions as every so often things don’t appear as they are and sometimes, we are unable to look beyond what the eye can see. Trust your instinct and follow your heart. Sometimes what we fear brings the best of the world for us.

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