Social media usage has lead to a psychological impinge on adolescents identified as FOMO- Fear of Missing out. It is a feeling that others have a phenomenal and thrilling life. You believe that pals have a better time without you. You begin to sense that you don’t fit in their way of life. Your self esteem and confidence is damaged.

Ways to overcome FOMO:

· Spend more time offline, with real people around you. Begin to take pleasure in daily activities with family.

· Become conscious of essential possessions in life and use time to add talent .Recognize the value of living.

· Don’t focus on others. You may have some qualities which others may not have. Analyze the opportunities your life contains for you.

Accept the truth that you can’t have it all. Prioritize your desires. Be judicious enough to understand what you can select at a particular point.

· Not everybody is a multi-tasker. Some may well be capable of balancing their life, work and social media. Focus on your performance rather than superfluous show off.

· Several youngsters have pulled off success, stardom and recognition owing to social media platforms; however that cannot be realistic for everyone. Don’t compare your skill with them. People who are not popular on social media are also victorious and contented in their life.

· Realize that you may not be missing out, in fact. You could be witnessing someone’s moment of enjoyment and possibly, rest of the time they were under the strain to capture it and hence missing out on real fun.

· An attitude of gratitude is imperative. Be appreciative of what you have instead of complaining for what is lacking in your life.

Examine if it’s really FOMO or unhappiness. You must judge whether you are insecure and anxious while watching life of other people or there is some other reason of your discontent.

Contrary to FOMO is JOMO- Joy of Missing Out.

JOMO is an emotionally intelligent antidote to FOMO. It implies taking pleasure in doing whatever you feel like. You embark on living in the present and discontinue thoughts about the existent or the virtual world. You are contented with the pace and path of your life.

How to embrace JOMO:

· Prioritize your to-do list. Plan your day according to you and not what others are doing.

· Live in the present devoid of any suspicions or questions. Relax your mind and discover serenity in yourself.

· Include some time away from social media and internet in your time table. Digital detox can be programmed weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Stick to your routine.

· Become skilled at turning down various offers, invitations and proposals which don’t excite you.

· Indulge in activities such as gardening, cooking, reading which don’t involve internet.

· Don’t regret your choice to excuse yourself from people at particular point of time. You must have done something that will endow with lasting satisfaction- like spending time with family. Be truthful to yourself.

Follow self care technique for mental and physical well being.

· Plan unplugged holidays and events. Aim to stay away from the gadgets whilst on vacation and breathe in the moment.

· Schedule time to check mails and official messages. Value your personal time and enjoy it.

· Check time limit spent as minutes change into hours while scrolling. One message converts to lengthy conversation.

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