People around you observe your persona at first. You can make or break the primary impression on others by right conduct and pleasing qualities. It is not the beauty which attracts people. Your body language, kindness, behavior, positivism and knowledge may add value to your guise.

Let us talk on the subject of various attributes of individuality and how to upgrade:


If you love yourself, it shows. People shall care for you for who you are. Self love means

adoring yourself, putting your wishes and requirements foremost, taking care of your health and thinking of your benefit. It means there should be no place for negativity, ego, cynicism, jealousy, hatred and lack of ambition in your life. You can spread happiness only from the vessel which contains it.

However it does not mean only thinking of you. Self love does not validate being self-centered.

Steps to self love:

· Create restrictions towards virtues which you do not want in your life.

· You should not compare yourself with others.

· Have a life pattern and order, discipline and dedication.

· Practice self care- indulge in a hobby or an activity that makes you cheerful and contented.

· Take proper rest. Listen to your body.

· Don’t over think. Be ready to face any situation. Accept the truth of life and carry on.

· Cry whenever you need to. It helps to calm the rush of emotions inside you.


A confident personality never fails to make an impression on others. People like it when they meet someone who is aware of their thoughts, words, and ideas besides being expressive of their opinion. Be convinced of your beliefs and traditions. You can achieve self-confidence by awareness of correct and incorrect according to your family and community. A person with knowledge of diverse topics can converse in groups. It is imperative to stay updated of the current topics or those of your interest.

Your body language provides a glimpse of your composure. Eye contact, smile, less movement of hands, not playing with your hair, not shaking your leg, not fumbling and stammering is sign of a secure individual. You must be conscious of the way the world witnesses you.

Self-belief on your capability and uniqueness reflects confidence. You are not obliged to chase others and be a part of the herd.

Confidence is also seen in your approach towards handling unexpected situations and reaction to uncertainties. If you are in doubt of your response, you must be able to change the topic rather than being embarrassed.


Everyone’s day comprise of unchanged 24 hours, utilizing it makes the difference. An individual who is able to administer the time in hand is the winner in life. Prepare a schedule and follow that. Be conscientious of your responsibilities.

Be punctual for your engagements. Remember that time is precious. You should never keep anyone waiting for you as well. Discipline and sincerity are essential qualities for success. Value each and every moment in hand to achieve your goals.


Every person has their respective troubles in life. But you are defined by the way you react to them. One can either get distressed and skeptical about their existence or they can be optimistic and grateful for all the good things in life. Be appreciative and thankful for everything you have that may not be accessible to many.

What you think you become. If you think yourself strong, strong you will be. If you think yourself happy, happy you will be. You receive the energy which you give out to the universe. Words, essentially correct and encouraging words, play the key role in pathway to success.

Everyone prefers to be in contact with people who are positive in any circumstances. The one who is able to acknowledge their problems, adjust to them or keep going with them readily is equipped to undertake the challenges in life.

You may cry and be gloomy or you can believe and be hopeful- your decision is your path. A jovial and cheerful human being is always chosen over a whining individual.


A well groomed individual is always eye-catching. Someone who is able to pick suitable outfit and footwear creates a good initial impression. It is not the beauty or your skin tone that makes you look nice; it is your splendor that invites someone.

It is mandatory to indulge in personal cleanliness- bath on a daily basis, comfortable and fresh garments, regular haircut, clipped nails, moist skin, etc. Care of facial hair in case of boys is important. Girls must maintain hygiene during their monthlies.

You should make sure of physical and mental fitness by engaging in activities such as sports, cycling, meditation, yoga, music, and dance. A calm and pleasing personality is greeted by all.

Through this section, we have provided an outline of different qualities considered necessary for a charismatic personality. If required, a detailed article can be made available for each quality.

Feel free to add any crucial attribute according to you in the comments below.

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