Dealing With Toxic Friends Or People

Friends are your chosen family. Some friends are for life and some may not be long-lasting. But each friend is unique and has some impact on your life. We desire that impact to be positive only and guard you against any negative impact which may distress you for lifetime.

To recognize whether a particular friend is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, you can look for several characteristics. You won’t be able to detect a toxic friend for a long, but if you are alert and observe your connection closely, you can find out their intent.

  • They will not encourage you to do something innovative and different

  • They will not motivate you to grow and prosper in the talent you possess

  • they will not reveal their personal life entirely to you just the way they are acquainted with all about you

  • They will not be available in your gloomy days to boost you

  • They will not share any credits with you and will not talk in your favor behind your back

  • they are insecure of other people in your life and always give a pessimistic judgment about others

  • They like to be the center of attraction and not like if you ever take the center stage

They ignore you on your special days and try to ruin your mood

  • You always look for their consent or agreement to go ahead with anything due to lack of confidence in yourself

  • You are scared or extremely guilty to hurt them because you know it will be difficult to make peace again

  • They insult or embarrass you by sharing something with others that you trusted them with

  • They act differently with you in front of others

  • They get upset over small issues and expect apology

  • You are the one who is always apologizing

  • You think you are being used or exploited by them

  • And most importantly, spending time with them does not leave you happy

How to distance yourself from toxic people:

  1. If you realize that they are not worth of your energy and time, make up your mind to gap from them.

  2. Start by Ignoring their calls and messages. This will initially be very hard on you, but a strong will-power will pull you through.

  3. Once you start feeling that there is a positive difference in your life due to less influence by them, you can be more determined to leave them.

  4. Talk to other friends, parents, siblings, cousins, or anyone else you trust, for helping you out of the situation.

  5. Develop a hobby or start an activity which will keep you busy and give you less time to think about that person.

  6. After a few dark days, you will find sunshine.

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