By now, you must have realized what kind of crush you have. If your crush lies in category of admiration crush, you don’t have to do anything about it. You continue to appreciate the person.

If you have passing crush, but it’s been quite a long time and you still feel the same or your emotions have grown stronger, you may want to confess your feelings to them.

Here we will talk about certain ways to convey your feelings to your crush, assuming they are not your friend. You may have few common friends though. The apprehension and goose bumps are normal. You may stammer, feel extremely shy or even behave weird. But you have to pace towards tête-à-tête. Do it whenever you feel extremely confident and optimistic.

1) Confess to the mutual friends first. Ask them more about your crush and let them know how you feel. It will be better that your crush knows about you and your feelings before you approach them.

2) Make sure they are single before you continue. Moreover be clear with reference to your expectations from this action of yours.

3) Plan outings with the mutual friends. When in a group, you can always toss subtle hints to them about your thoughts. Body language plays a big role in expressing yourself.

4) Whenever together, be confident and flirt with them. Give them an idea about how you feel differently for them than others present.

5) If you don’t have common friends but know them from (may be) coaching or such institute, try bumping more into your crush. This will provide an indication to them.

6) Aim to kick off the conversation about the institute and subjects. If you have common subject or class, you may invite for joint study.

7) Send friend request to your crush and become friends online. This way you will get acquainted with each other’s life.

8) Don’t be creepy. Don’t stalk them or embarrass them.

9) Try to chat online. Make most use of the online means and discover their talent and interests. Be a conversation starter and be appreciative

10) Ask for their assistance in something they are good at. It could be help in studies, or any other activity you both like.

11) Don’t hang on without asking for too long.

12) Confess your feelings in private. Don’t do so in public or when the other person is in a group.

13) Don’t confess in writing or over text. A phone call or a meeting is better as you can witness their reaction.

14) Be prepared for a negative response.

15)Be sure of their frame of mind before you go ahead to express yourself. A bad mood may result in rejection and resentment. A good mood is desirable to identify with the feelings.

16) Don’t approach them when they are in a hurry. Make sure they have an adequate amount of time to listen to you and then react.

17) Be very clear while confessing as to what exactly are you looking forward to, is it friendship, date or anything else.

18) If they respond by saying they are not looking for any such relationship, be friends and give them time to respond.

19) However if they respond by saying, they don’t feel anything more than a friend for you, be aware and don’t be friend zoned. (Ways to prevent yourself from getting friend-zoned will be discussed later).

20) If they consider you as just a friend, ask them out for a private time. May be they change their opinion about you. But still beware as you may get a negative response.

21) If you get rejected, move on. Don’t stay in the friend zone. If you are sure that they won’t change their perspective about you, go ahead and meet new people. Don’t linger on in any hope. (Ways to deal with denial will be discussed in further chapters)

Some of you may be on the receiving end of such signals unable to decipher what the other person is trying to put across. Now you can effortlessly comprehend their intention and reciprocate accordingly.

The best advice we can provide you here is to accept whatsoever response you get.

You can contact us in case of any doubts, queries or suggestions.

happy journey!!!

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