Are you waiting to be encouraged?

I heard a story as a child, about a deer who kept running everywhere following a precise fragrance, but never found it. The reason being, the scent, known as Musk or Kasturi was always inside it.

As humans, we also look for support, inspiration, motivation and appreciation from the world, the people around us, the people we respect and trail. But then, we tend to forget that guiding light to encouragement is within. This self-identification is the utmost need of the hour when trusting people around you are always questionable. Unless you have conviction in yourself, no one can inspire you.

You may miss the opportunities if you lack the strength and positivity. It’s always your mind that will give you the reassurance to walk on the chosen path with confidence. This is called self- motivation.

“Push yourself, because no one is going to do it for you”. Unless you push yourself out of your comfort zone, no one can create a better world for you. No one can motivate you unless you do it for yourself.

Let me share a few tips to self-motivation

1) Set a clear goal: Having a clear purpose in mind is the prerequisite. It may not be anything huge, but something that drives you out of luxury and instigates you to prove yourself. Keep reminding yourself about the motive and stay focused.

2) Take small steps: Have a to-do list every day that keeps you energetic. Tiny steps are accomplishment. Break your bigger goal into smaller ones and appreciate yourself as you complete each task. Rejoice every achievement. This will help you in time management too.

3) Work on any gaps you have: If you lack any expertise which could affect the outcome of your hard work, acquire it. Join courses, talk to people, learn online, do whatever it takes till the time you can call yourself perfect in it. This may include reading about behaviors to achieve success, learning from people’s experiences etc.

4) Control your thoughts and emotions: If you face disappointment in any job, do not consider yourself a loser or start re-evaluating your goals. Your thoughts will make you or break you. Each day is not the same. Look for learning in every situation and try to become better with each mistake.

5) Take regular breaks: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. So, take out time for your hobbies. Do what makes you happy. A breather is needed to recharge yourself. Take out time for being in the nature’s lap, enjoy music, as these are considered therapeutic.

I will end with this quote by Brian Knapp:

Your motivations are your own. You must master them if you want to do great work”

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