As you gather the courage to confess your feelings to your crush, they will either accept it or reject it. But in worst case scenario, you will be zoned. This zone is very dangerous and you should be cautious not to fall into it. It will become extremely difficult to leave that zone.

Girls, by and large, place boys into 2 zones:

Bro-zone: in this case, girls consider this boy as a brother. They get the protective feeling and faith that they get from their own brother. You may be a friend already

without having crush on the girl. You are someone the girl will look forward to when in need. She obviously has a lot of trust on you.

Conversely, if you have crush on her and she places you in this zone, this will directly imply that there cannot be any chance of romantic inclination. There is no possibility of going for a date, forget having a relationship in future.

Friend-zone: A boy enters this zone when they have feelings for the girl but those are not reciprocated. Instead they are informed that they are simply a friend. This difficult road leads to nowhere. There is no chance of dating. In fact, you may not be a friend at all. This can be considered a respectable place instead of a heart breaking rejection.

** The difference between a boy in the bro-zone (with a crush on her) and in the friend zone is that there is still some scope to impress her while in the friend zone which definitely is not available to those in the bro-zone.

Boys normally place girls into multiple zones which are not clearly divided. We will discuss two major zones here. Those who get into these zones are clearly not the type of girls whom (most) boys want to propose or see as girlfriend material.

Bro-zone: The girls who get into this category are mainly those whom boys consider as one of the boys in their group. These girls are normally judged by boys as macho,

sporty, plump, not so attractive, super friendly girls who understand all boys’ lingo etc. The girls in this category may not have a crush on you and may be contented with their place in your life. They can be your BFF’S.

Sis-zone: When the girl has crush on a boy and he does not find her attractive enough, the girl ends up in sis-zone. It does not mean she is considered a sister. It’s just to put in the picture that she means nothing to him. It is just a pretense zone.

** In a majority of circumstances, the boy and the girl who are in the bro zone are generally happy with being the BFF and don’t want to be romantic partners. This is a different enduring relationship which will be discussed in forthcoming chapter.

Signs you are falling into friend-zone/sis-zone:

1) If you plan an outing or a gathering and they would like all their friends to be there too.

2) They meet you nonchalantly and do not bother to get ready or look presentable.

3) They always talk about their crush or opposite gender friends with you.

4) They repeatedly remind that you are just a friend to them.

5) They fix dates for you with their acquaintances.

6) Don’t discuss important matter with you.

7) You are in the dark about their life as compared to their friends.

How to escape from getting zoned:

1) Keep your feelings low and to yourself after being zoned.

2) If your feelings are rejected initially and you are clued-up that you are a friend/sister/brother, begin to ignore them.

3) Stop being available to them at all times.

4) Don’t converse about their crush etc. Pass this topic and diverge.

5) If they are still single, you can flirt occasionally.

6) You can play mysterious to them. Show them they don’t know you well.

7) Be unpredictable and give an idea about what they are missing.

8) Don’t let them see you are desperate or missing them.

9) Demonstrate them you are a boyfriend/girlfriend material.

10) If they begin to pay attention and yearn for you, play hard to catch.

11) But DON’T GET ZONED. Being in reject category is a better option to move forward in life. Staying close yet distant from your crush will not give you any pleasure or peace.

Feelings and sentiments give rise to complexity in life which needs to be dealt with patience and wisdom. Understanding human emotions is an exceptionally complicated subject. The most imperative precondition will be to believe in you and love yourself.

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