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What We Do

Teenagering Sessions 


Teenagering Sessions are conducted for parents to present the point of view of teenagers to them. The module consists of 3 main topics-

1) Shattering the glass wall between parents and teenagers

2) Discussion of sensitive topics with our teens-especially boys

3) Mental health in teenagers


Tween age, the age group 8-12 years is most sensitive. A session was conducted for parents to understand children in this age and handling peer pressure during this age

session-momshares club.jpeg

Session was conducted in association with MomSharesClub @ likeminds app for age group  8-12 years. 


Session was conducted in association with Birla Open Minds School ,Vapi for parents of children in age group 9-16 years. 

Sessions with Teenagers

session-talk and comedy.jpeg

A vent it out was provided for teens to express their feelings followed by performance by a stand-up comedian, in association with Likhondilse group. 

session for girls.jpeg

A session was conducted for girls to discuss about feminism, empowerment and self love. 


Live on Instagram regularly to discuss topics and connect with followers 


In association with Student Help Desk, spoke about mental health for their fund raiser. 

Gray and White Minimal Style Fashion Ins

A live music concert on Instagram live with 4 amazing teen artists, in association with an NGO by teens, HTN ngo. 

* Contact for conducting sessions for schools,clubs,parents or teen groups.

** Events free unless otherwise mentioned by the organizers

*** Registration mandatory