I started this website to connect to all teenagers by sorting out their confusion and trying to answer the questions they have. I know it's not always that young adults are looking for answers, but for most of the time they will be looking for someone to just listen to them.


Communicating your doubt or fear to someone provides relief and leads to a positive path. But that someone should be the one whom you can trust and they assure of confidentiality. Mostly it is a friend with whom you must feel most comfortable with. I extend a hand of friendship to you all and hope that you will continue showing the trust that you have on me.

If talking of me as a friend, I have a lot of experience to lend an ear and to provide solutions as and when needed along with an assurance of keeping secrets safe. I am great friend to teenagers as I can connect easily to them. But the wisdom of an adult works in advantage to guide through. 

Prachi Mittal

Founder and Author of The Teenager Talks

Teenage Counselor and Life Skill Educator