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Teenage: the most memorable and wonderful years of one’s journey. Consider it as passing through a tunnel going from childhood to adulthood with a lot of giveaways and takeaways during the process. By this page, I would like all the teenagers to have the greatest takeaways and come out of the tunnel as amazing human beings ready to face the world.

The journey however brings with it, a lot of hurdles, breakdowns and lessons along with a lifetime of fun reminiscences. Each individual has a separate journey, even if you all are in it together, you may have different problems and issues. The best person you talk to is your friend who may or may not have faced the same problems. Sharing your issues with a person of same intellect will provide you with temporary solutions. Hence this page assures of solutions which will help you solve any further issue yourself and for friends in same boat through a teenage counselor with a passion and experience to resolve teenage issues. Teens are provided life skill education with modern outlook and approach. 

A lot of topics will be covered herein. You can share your experience,  post comments or suggestions, your doubts or queries. We will be happy to be there for you always.


Happy journey!

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The author of these blogs has a passion for writing and is always enthusiastic to talk to teenagers and understands them well. 

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